Engaging communities on how they utilize technology and big data to improve development outcomes.

“We believe in awesome ideas.“

I-STARRT is a New Orleans-based organization using ‘Data Science’, or the study of large and complex data, to provide evidence-based strategies to alleviate some of the world’s most persistent problems such as poverty, hunger and violence, in the United States and in Africa.

We partner with our stakeholders to deepen their understanding of how their work fits into a comprehensive systemic equity framework and provides guidance to develop and reinforce sustainable mechanisms for development.

Producing an Equity Model

I-STARRT assists the Office of Human Rights and Equity (OHRE) with equity planning, implementation and evaluation for the City of New Orleans’ Equitable Governance Initiative.

This plan will be grounded in advanced equity evidence-based research from cities around the world. Specific needs addressed include:

  • An Evidence-based Equity Plan for City Departments
  • An accurate Monitoring and Evaluation mechanism to measure New Orleans growth toward a more equitable City government

I-STARRT enables international technology transfer of affordable, easy-to-replicate sustainable technologies that improve access to Water, Energy, Agriculture, Technology, Education and Health.